WYSIWYG Web Builder
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WYSIWYG Web Builder
WYSIWYG Web Builder
1. Does your website support PHP?
The first step to start using the login tools of WYSIWYG Web Builder, is to check whether your webhost supports PHP. Without PHP support you cannot use these tools.

2. Create a user database on the server.
All objects which are part of the login tools do have a button in their properties window called 'Create database'.

a) Click the 'Create database'
b) Enter a name for the database, for example 'usersdb.php'. Click Next.
c) Select the publish location where you are going to publish this website to. Click Next.
The wizard willl make a connection with the server and show the folder structure.
d) Select the folder where the database should be created.
e) Click 'Finish' to create the file.
WYSIWYG Web Builder will automatically change the permission of the file so that it's write enabled, so new users can be added.

Note that you should set the same database name for all login tools!

3. Publish this website project to the same location.
Now you can start creating new users. Click 'User Administrator'.
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